Mcdougall Multi-Family Residential

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34 6A ST NE

The project of McDougall Road aims to bring the community together within the vision of the Bridgeland – Riverside community’s future. The six-story residential building with a commercial/retail component at the street level intends to have a non-obstructive street view, working in harmony with its neighboring buildings.

Inspired by Cerda’s master plan of Barcelona; the building block intends to create a dialog with the Bridgeland community by creating a strong pedestrian connection and respecting the existing context and providing services such as a public courtyard in its center, incorporating green space at the upper levels, retail value, parking, charging stations and bicycle parking to the community block. The building would include underground parking and the units would range from bachelor suites to luxury three bedroom apartments.

Let us know what you think of the Mcdougall block in your neighborhood.