Harvie Heights Proposed Restaurant & Hotel



Harvie Heights Proposed Restaurant & Hotel
1050 Harvie Heights Rd., Harvie Heights, AB

Harvie Heights

This project is a Visitor Accommodation (Hotel) and Restaurant development located at 1050 Harvie Heights Rd., Harvie Heights AB (Lot 4, Block 23, Plan 793JK, Plan 081 0343). Predominantly 3 stories with a section in the middle of the length of the building at 3 ½ stories, the proposed 80-room Hotel and Restaurant has a total gross floor area of 56,715 sq. ft. The building’s form has been designed to conform as much as possible with the terrain to optimize the site and to respect the surrounding conditions.

The building footprint runs along the long side of the sloped site with the restaurant component, hotel rooms and amenities at the lower level of the site facing Harvie Heights Road while the remainder of the building at higher ground is set back far from Blue Jay Drive. This results in the 3 storey portion of the building facing the rear of the site set back almost 45.00 meters from the rear property line.

The hotel exterior demonstrates an aesthetic that compliments its surroundings. The architecture is alpine in nature and is expressed by the detailing of exposed timber frames, trims and structure, vertical and horizontal timber slat panels, and wood shingle accent walls over other wall finishes like acrylic stucco and metal panels. The whole building is anchored down by a stacked rundle stone wall base.



Open Public House verbal comments from Community

Fencing at North of site – For security and privacy, a no pass fence to the north of the property to be provided. A concern regarding wildlife travel patterns (bears) through the site was brought up. As a result, it was suggested that an opening for wildlife to be provided through this fence. Some residents oppose any kind of opening. Mike Drummond of Alberta Fish and Wildlife to be contacted for additional information and coordination.